Sunday, October 30, 2011

This past week I really had hoped to get a submission in to Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge "Masquerade Ball" - but my week just didn't have a lot of just fiddling on the computer. So today I decided - I missed the challenge but I still wanted to put together what had been swirling around in my head all last week.

A few years ago my sweet granddaughter, Kayla, came down to go with her boyfriend to his high school dance. We had so much fun - well I think "WE" did.....I sure Find a dress, shoes, and making a mask for her to wear. Oh my creative energy went bananas on that mask. We went to every craft store around looking for just the right items to make it special.  She looked so cute taking all kinds of pictures of herself in the different stages of creating "THE LOOK". Luckily she was using my camera, so I still have them to enjoy.

Below is my creation of "Masquerade Ball".  Maybe some of you ladies from Inspiration Avenue will pop in to see my beautiful Granddaughter in her Mask for the "Masquerade".


Shelinwa said...

coolio mom love it! did dad see it it was back with that black har.

Loretta said...

I don't think so. Dad doesn't even know I have a blog - of if he does he never looks at it.