Saturday, May 15, 2010

This weeks Inspiration Challenge is "Architecture".
Tried to think of buildings I have photographed. Nothing came to mind.
Then I thought about the amazing Architecture of a bird's nest  I photographed a cute one this spring out the window where I work.
This one is extra special, because a very industrious little bird incorporated a bubblewand into it's construction.
SO.... here is my "Architecture" submission.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I decide to try Shelly's Lesson for Inspiration Avenue's Blog Party "Lessons".
Below is my "Compact 2 Pictures" results.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Recently I moved a birdhouse planter, I have had for a number of years, to the corner of our deck railing, so the sun could shine on the Hen's & Chick plant, planted on the side of the birdhouse. 
The little finches have recently returned to our yard. I would see the fliting among the pine trees, then landing on the arms of the patio furniture.
Then one afternoon I saw one little guy checking out the birdhouse planter. 
I kept watching as he tried to get inside through the very little hole.
He kept flying back and forth to the hole, hanging there for a few minutes before leaving only to return in a few minutes.
Eventually he had made the hole big enough to get INSIDE!!!
As the days pasted I watching the coming & going of the little guy, bringing nesting material. Squeezing himself and the pieces for long grass into the little hole, disappearing inside. 
He has been working very hard. 
Now I guess we will have a family of little finches, on our deck railing, for the summer.