Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Blog Challenge
This weeks theme reminded me of the many times we traveled to the beach on the Washington coast. Many times we would have our daughter, Shelly & her family with us. The ocean has many moods of "STORMY WEATHER". I have captured them in pictures, but if you are a photographer, you know they never really show the "Moods".
Today I decided to take 4 of my photographs and merge them together to create one for this weeks challenge.......


The photographs centers around one taken of my grandchildren making the most of a storm on the beach, by running into the waves with the wind whipping at them, turning the waves & sand around them. Showing you can have fun in......


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge
I have not entered the challenge for some time.
I was every inspired this week with the theme
Growing up I had lots of dolls. I had a Story Book Doll collection that number quite a few dolls. I still have the collection, but have not taken care of it as I should have.
The dolls in this picture hold many memories. The Teddy Bear was a gift for my first Christmas. The doll on the left I called "Cindy" and she walks!!!
My very favorite is the Vogue Doll - Ginny - in the yellow dress & hat.
One birthday, the only thing I got that year were clothes for my
"Ginny Doll", all hand made by my Mother and my Grandma Werner.
Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories with this weeks challenge.