Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inspiration Challenge of the week
"I Dream in Color, How 'bout You?"

"Colors that I am Drawn to and Inspire me"

Winter Sunset

Being drawn to the many colors, especially in a
Winter Sunset
began when I was very young.
Many Sundays I would go with my parents out into the mountains
and my father would either go duck or rabbit hunting.
On the way home it would be late in the afternoon or early evening.
Going home we drove west into the setting sun.
My Mom & I would play this "If you could have..." game.
It would go like this
 "If you could have anything the color of the sky,
what would it be?"
She would pick things like a bedspread, blouse, dishes or maybe curtains.
I would always pick a
To this day when I see the beautiful colors in a
Winter Sunset,
I am reminded of the special game
Mom & I had.

I am thankful my Mom made
Winter Sunsets
so special.