Saturday, April 16, 2011

Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge


I have enjoyed this weeks challenge.
In the above pictures is one of my Mother, many years ago. I miss her so much. She has been in her heavenly home for 11 years this past Thursday. Which makes this Challenge especially sweet.

The other picture is a 3 Generation picture of Mothers.
My Mother, Wilma, Myself & My Daughter, Shelly, with her 2 children, Raymond & Kayla.


Shelinwa said...

AAAAH Love this mom. hard to believe that on Thursday marked 11 years. Seems like just yesterday she was taking me to kmart for a slushy.
I miss her too.

priti.lisa said...

Love that picture of the 3 generations together!

gemma said...

Moms are the BEST!

Heather said...

a great tribute! I love the multi-generational picture. those are something to treasure....i have one of my, my mom and my grandma, and when it was taken, i never thought i would lose my grandmother....she was the best! I still miss her...thanks for sharing this with us!