Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiration Avenue Challenge this week is....

"B E L I E V E"

This Angel was purchase for my parents Christmas Tree topper Dec. 1946, the year I was born. I remember each year we would carefully get her out of her box. Gently removing the white tissue paper that covered her delicate face & satin dress. I would sit and hold her, until it was time for Daddy to put her on the top of our Christmas tree. I remember laying on the floor with only the tree lights on, looking up at her in awe. She always reminded me of the reason we celebrated Christmas, Even tho I was excited for Santa Claus to come, she touched my heart in a very special way. I would look at her and it would bring tears to my eyes.
Some years back my Mom sent her to our family with a note that said: 

"Dear Mangum family,
The tree here at Granparents Johnson is too small
& the branches too weak for me to sit atop -
so could I come to your house for the holiday season.
I'm sure looking old - well I am old.
Let's face it
I'm old & irreplaceable - huh.
Your Loving
Christmas tree Angel".

It would have been nice if Mom had dated the note or
 I would have thought far enough ahead to date it.
The Christmas Tree Angel has been on the top of our tree
since the Christmas we received her.
This year while watching "The Bishop's Wife", 
we noticed the same Angel on the top of the Christmas tree
in the Professor's home.
We did not put a tree up this year, but I took her out of the closet, looked into her angelic face & knew She played a big part in my knowing in my heart what is it to

"B E L I E V E"

She will always have a special place
in my Christmas Memories.

This year she turned 65.


Judy Goddard said...

I love your story! It makes me think of a book I dearly loved as a child, called "The Fairy Doll". I think it was written by Roald Dahl.

Very sweet/bittersweet.

Well done!

priti.lisa said...

What a wonderful memory and story! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful story and wonderful post!!

Shelinwa said...

MOM Love this!!!!
So neat!!!

Robin Norgren said...

beautiful memory; the word beautiful is not big enough really to capture all the memories this angel holds...