Thursday, June 3, 2010

 Today is our daughter's birthday.
What a blessing she is.
I am so thankful that God decided she was meant to be our little Shelly.
She has always been very independent, sometimes a bit strong willed :+).
She loves life.
She's a great daughter, loving supportive wife, great Mom - but like all of us Mom's am sure she has heard "You're the meanest Mom ever!". 
She is a Godly woman, will help anyone that comes along needing help.
If you have her as a friend,
 you know she likes to have fun and laughs a lot!
Honey, I love you so much. 
I am so proud of the beautiful woman you have grown up to be and most of all not only are we mother/daughter,
but you are my best friend.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!
Love Mom

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Shelinwa said...

Getting me back from my sappyness from mothers day eh. I love you!!
Thank you for this!!!