Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspiration Avenue - Challenge Opposites
Barren Corn Field               Lush Corn Field


Magpie said...

Wow, such a difference! Amazing, isn't it?

Beautiful photos and perfect for the challenge!

artangel said...

This is a great submission! That green in the second photo is gorgeous!

I also love that in the barren field there's a single lonely figure, and in the lush field there are two people hugging - another opposite!

LKay said...

Thanks Annette,
You know I didn't even think about the people in the pictures! Thanks so much for pointing that out.

Don't know if you know Shelly Simpson (Pics by Shel)....she's my daughter and these were taken from her backyard. The lone figure is my grandson heading out duck hunting and the girl in the lush field is my granddaughter (both are Shelly's kids).

I am really enjoying the weekly challenges and thank Shelly for encouraging me to "try it Mom"!!!!!

Have a great Sunday.

Loretta Mangum